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For over a decade, BS1 Fire & Security has been entrusted by educational institutions in Bristol, Bath, and the surrounding areas to provide reliable fire and security services tailored to the unique needs of schools, colleges and universities.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the well-being and security of students, staff, visitors, and valuable educational assets. Our wealth of knowledge and proficiency in fire and security systems has empowered schools, colleges, and universities to establish robust safety protocols, mitigating potential risks and responding effectively to emergencies.

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Fire & Security Services for Educational Buildings

BS1 Fire & Security offers a complete spectrum of solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of educational institutions, ranging from fire alarm systems and CCTV surveillance to access control systems and emergency lighting. Our unwavering dedication to delivering trustworthy and effective services has positioned us as the preferred partner for local schools striving to establish a secure and conducive environment for learning and development.

School Security Systems

We understand that all nursery, school, college and university buildings need to be as secure as possible to protect the welfare of students and staff, as well as any valuable equipment on the premises. BS1 Fire & Security can take care of your security considerations from the school perimeters and outdoor areas through to all internal areas.

Fire Protection Services for Schools

Schools and all other educational institutions encompass diverse environments that come with various fire hazards. BS1 is equipped with the essential fire safety equipment and protocols to protect your students, staff, and visitors from the potential repercussions of fire incidents.

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