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When it comes to fire safety and electronic life safety equipment, compromising on quality is simply not an option. C-Tec has established itself as a leader in the industry by consistently delivering innovative, reliable, and effective fire and life safety solutions.

C-Tec offers a wide range of products and solutions designed to effectively detect fires and protect lives. Their comprehensive safety solutions include fire alarm systems, extinguisher panels, power supplies, refuge systems, call systems, and hearing loop equipment.

Whether it's a small residential building or a large commercial complex, C-Tec products are designed to meet the unique fire safety needs of any environment.

Pioneering Fire Alarm Systems

Disabled Refuge Systems

Nurse Call Systems

Hearing Loop Systems

Complete Site Management

Extended Control Capacity

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C-Tec Fire Systems

C-Tec provides various fire systems products for different fire safety requirements. They offer simple fire alarm systems for small buildings and complex networked systems for large industrial facilities. Their product portfolio includes:

Conventional Fire Systems

C-Tec's conventional fire systems use detectors and alarms connected to a control panel to alert people to a fire in a building. These systems are reliable and effective, ensuring the safety of occupants during a fire.

Two-Wire Fire Systems

C-Tec's Two-Wire Fire Systems provide advanced and reliable fire protection solutions that are easy to install and cost-effective. These systems detect and respond to fires quickly, offering early warning and minimising damage and loss of life.

Addressable Fire Systems

C-Tec's Addressable Fire Systems use advanced technology to accurately locate fires or emergencies in buildings, ensuring a quick response and minimising false alarms. These systems meet industry standards and offer customisable features, making them a reliable choice for enhancing fire safety.

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C-TEC Hearing Loop Systems

In addition to fire detection, C-Tec provides hearing loop systems, an essential component in ensuring accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments. C-Tec hearing loop systems provide a way to transmit audio directly into hearing aids or cochlear implants, allowing individuals with hearing loss to effectively participate in various settings such as classrooms, theatres, and public spaces.

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C-TEC Disabled Refuge Systems

Disabled refuge systems provide safe places in emergency situations for people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts. The C-TEC SigTEL disabled refuge system, which is cost-effective and easy to install, allowing disabled individuals to exit buildings easily and safely.

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C-TEC Nurse Call Systems

Call systems are a crucial communication component in many commercial environments including healthcare facilities and public buildings. C-Tec call point systems provide reliable and efficient communication with programmable call points, displays, ceiling pulls, overdoor lights, monitoring points, infrared transmitters and more.

C-TEC Conventional Call Systems

C-TEC's 800 Series Conventional Call System is the top-selling call system in the UK and is suitable for various types of buildings such as hotels and leisure centres. Each call point is connected to a central control panel, which identifies the location of the call to allow quick and efficient response.

C-TEC Addressable Call Systems

The C-Tec Quantec addressable call system, sometimes known as the ‘nurse call system’ can identify specific alarm call points, allowing staff to locate the source of the call quickly and accurately.  Addressable call systems are ideal for various applications such as hospitals, health care facilities and care homes.

What Sectors are C-TEC Systems suited to?

Designed and built with advanced technology for communication, tracking, safety, and control, C-TEC systems benefit a wide range of sectors including industrial facilities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and hospitality establishments.

One industry that particularly benefits from C-TEC systems, is the healthcare industry. Settings such as hospitals and care homes often have vulnerable occupants with various health conditions. C-TEC systems offer advanced patient protection, enable rapid response times and provide vital communication during emergencies.

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