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Protect Your Home with BS1 Fire & Security’s Domestic Fire Alarm Systems

  • We are your local Trusted Fire Alarm Installation Provider in Bristol

  • We Can Service and Maintain Alarms Fitted by Other Companies

  • Professional and Safe Installation

  • Regular Burglar Alarm Servicing & Maintenance

  • 24-hour Integrated Fire Alarm Monitoring Systems Available

  • Systems include full installation, the supply of fire alarms, regular maintenance, and servicing

  • Competitively Priced

  • Good Availability and Flexibility in Appointments

  • We’ll Work Within Your Budget and Won’t Oversell You Products You Don’t Need

  • Good Availability and Flexibility in Appointments – We’ll Work Around Your Schedule

  • No Mess, No Disruption Installation – We’ll Clear Up Before We Leave

  • Latest Fire Alarm Systems available, which you can be integrated into your existing systems

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How We Can Help You

Protect your family, home, and possessions from fire with a modern fire alarm system, professionally installed and maintained by BS1 Fire & Security.

Fire alarms and smoke detectors are life savers, detecting and alerting occupants of the property to developing fires in the home. The early detection of fires starting in your home, allows you time to either safely extinguish the fire with minimal damage, evacuate your home, or call the emergency services.

Whether you need a single fire alarm, or our fully integrated smart fire alarm and smoke detector systems, BS1 design, install and maintain domestic fire alarm systems that are tailored to meet your homes individual requirements and budget.

All BS1 fire alarm systems and installations meet the highest British standards, to provide you with peace of mind that your home and loved ones are in safe hands.

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How Could a Professional Home Fire Alarm System Help You?

  • Alert you to the first signs of fire, allowing you time to distinguish the fire or evacuate your home before the fire takes hold

  • Notify you of faults within your fire alarm system or when your batteries are running low

  • Avoid false alarm triggers and keep your pet safe with our pet friendly burglar alarmsInstallation

  • Notify you if your fire alarm has been trigged while you are at work, on holiday or absent from home

  • Does your home use many electrical appliances or equipment? Fire alarm and smoke detector systems can alert you to the first signs of smoke from a plug socket or appliance

  • Do you have an existing fire alarm system which needs an upgrade? We can fully integrate fire alarm systems to your existing fire or security system

If you need help or advice for your business, call us on

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Our Domestic Fire Alarm Services

We Supply and Install Fire Alarm Systems in Your Home

BS1 offers many types of fire alarm systems for residential buildings, each tailored to your property and individual requirements. Whether it’s the latest smart smoke alarms, fully integrated fire alarm systems or a traditional wired smoke alarm, our expert team will discuss your exact needs and recommend the best solution for your property.

Residential fire alarm systems supplied and installed by BS1 tend to be small and unintrusive, comprising heat and smoke detectors. Fire and smoke alarms will usually be installed in high-risk fire areas, such as the kitchen and unoccupied hallways. Our expert team of engineers will survey your home and recommend specific areas where our fire detection systems should be installed.

If you already have a security system in place at your home or residential property, our fully integrated domestic fire alarm systems and smart smoke detectors can be seamlessly integrated with your existing system, allowing you to easily manage both systems as one.

Smart smoke alarm systems are a great investment for your home, especially if you are regularly away from your home. These smart alarm systems are usually connected to a smart mobile device through a downloadable app. They can then notify you whenever your fire alarm system has a fault, low batteries or when your fire alarm has been triggered.

Fire Alarm Installation for Homes in Bristol

By choosing BS1 Fire & Security to install your home fire alarm system, you can trust that our experts will be providing the best installation of fire detection systems to help protect your family, pets, and property from the devastation of fire.

If you would like one of our qualified engineers to provide a full home fire alarm system design and installation service for your property, contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us on
01454 618 444

Home Fire Alarm Servicing and Maintenance

Fire alarm servicing is the best way to ensure that your home fire alarm system is fully operational and safe. The regular servicing and maintenance of your fire alarm systems ensures that your fire alarm or smoke detection unit will efficiently detect the early signs of fire or smoke, potentially saving lives, and minimising fire damage to your property.

BS1 will service and maintain any fire alarm system, even if it was purchased and installed by another fire alarm company. If you already have a fire alarm system installed at your home and would like an engineer to service the system and all its components, contact BS1 Fire & Security today for a cost-effective quote.

If you would like one of our qualified engineers to provide a full home fire alarm system design and installation service for your property, contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling us on
01454 618 444 today.

Integrated Fire Alarm Monitoring Service for Homes

BS1 Fire & Security provides 24-hour monitoring services for your home’s integrated fire alarm system.  Our expert team installs fire alarms and smoke detectors that are fully integrated to your home security system so that you can receive 24-hour protection.

Whether you are looking for a new integrated fire alarm monitoring package or require the monitoring of an existing integrated alarm system at your home, BS1 Fire & Security provides an alarm monitoring service to suit your requirements and budget.

This professional service provides homeowners with peace of mind that even when your home is empty, someone is always on hand to inform emergency services of a fire alarm trigger.

How BS1 Can Help Protect your Home from Fire?

Our experienced team will visit you at home to assess your fire safety requirements and identify potential fire alarm installation points. We will ensure your bespoke alarm system is designed to suit your home and budget.

Fire safety is paramount in every home, and a reliable, professional fire alarm system like those supplied and installed by BS1 Fire & Security is an ideal solution to ensure the best fire detection to keep your family and home safe.

FAQs About Residental Fire Alarm Systems