CCTV Systems

Standalone or Internet Linked

Surveillance has become increasingly important in recent years as crime levels have increased and systems have become more affordable for the householder.

We provide CCTV services to a complete spectrum of clients, designed, installed and commissioned. These systems are installed in many different ways, the picture from the camera to the recording device via Copper Cabling, Cat5e cabling, Fibre Optic Cabling, Radio Transmission and Real time Microwave Transmission.

One type of camera we provide is a fixed model in which they are commissioned on one view and this does not change.  These cameras are high resolution colour to provide excellent visibility during good lighting conditions.  Where the light level is lower, monochrome cameras are required, and where no light level is present IR lighting is added to the monochrome cameras.

We also offer fully functional cameras which have the ability to move in all directions to provide the facility to survey areas manually both on and off site and automaticity via programmed tours or sequences.

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What a Professional Security Camera Installation Should Include:

The first question that a professional installer of security cameras should ask should relate to the actual purpose of the recording project. Not every CCTV system is installed purely as a deterrent for vandals and burglars.

The main reasons for surveillance of a home are:

  • Crime Prevention
  • Property Protection
  • Family Protection

Choosing Your Camera

The choice of cameras and lenses to a large extent depends on this purpose. A health and safety surveillance system for example needs a camera and lens, which can monitor a relatively wide area. Dangers and hazards on the property can be seen, but good face recognition is usually not necessary. Staff is recognised because the employer or security staff member knows every person.

In a crime prevention project it is of utmost importance to have at least one head and shoulder concentrated recording of every person coming and leaving the building. Narrow view high resolution cameras and lenses are of advantage. Only good quality close up recordings of the face have a chance of being accepted as evidence before a court.

Cameras need to be chosen according to the following applications: Monitoring or Identification / Recognition.

Please call us on 01454 618444 or e-mail info@bs1ltd.co.uk for a quotation.